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Black Owned Jewelry Brands: Third Crown

Photograph: THIRD CROWN



Bold and striking, Third Crown jewelry features strong architectural cuffs, lock bracelets and rings, pendant necklaces and link matching sets. Founded by New York based co-designers and husband-and-wife Kristin and Kofi Essel, Third Crown fuses their love of geometric shapes to make a powerful statement in men's and women's jewelry. The brand creates gender neutral everyday statement pieces that merge two forces to create a powerful pair.

Black Owned Jewelry Brands: Ten Thousand Things

Photograph: Ten Thousand Things



TENTHOUSANDTHINGS is a collection of fine jewelry designed by Ron Anderson and David Rees, self-taught jewelers who came to the bench after successful careers in fashion retail. Using exquisite and hard-to-find stones, they craft modern heirlooms inspired by shapes found in nature and that highlight the quality and brilliance of these expertly-chosen stones.

Black Owned Watch Brands: Talley & Twine

Photograph: Talley & Twine

Talley & Twine


Talley & Twine is the name on every watch wearer's lips. Featured everywhere from Essence, Men's Health to Cosmo, Talley & Twine creates stylish men's and women's watches in gold, silver, leather and canvas. With face designs from simple and elegant to graphic chronographs, there is a watch style for everyone. In tribute to the Divine Nine, Talley & Twine has Black fraternity and sorority collection too.

Black Owned Jewelry Brands: Adore Adorn Jewelry

Photograph: Adore Adorn Jewelry

Adore Adorn Jewelry


Timeless jewelry made to be passed down through generations, Adore Adorn is a fine jewelry brand that tells the stories and legacies of founder Sasha V. Based around the timelessness of family and tradition, Adore Adorn jewelry is made in NYC and truly gifts to adorn yourself with love and to adorn others as well. The Heart Movement Kits are custom self-care kits that connect what we wear with what's inside.

Black Owned Jewelry Brands: Aur

Photograph: Aur Jewelry

Seen in VOGUE and Tatler, AUR Jewelry is a fine jewelry line Inspired by optics, light and color play. Designed by sculpture artist Bianca Abreu, the current collection is an expression of metals and glass in a wearable state. This includes one-of-a-kind glass pendants, sterling silver chain earrings and glass blown statement rings.

Black Owned Jewelry Brands: Mahnal

Photograph: Mahnal



Mahnal Studios features contemporary brass jewelry crafted to inspire intentional living. Playing with natural forms and elements, Mahnal jewelry strives to help its wearers embrace a slower, more intentional life. Designer Shayba Muhammad crafts sculptural and simple shapes and textures to deliver modern, understated pieces.

Black Owned Jewelry Brands: KHIRY

Photograph: KHIRY

Khiry is an Afrofuturist luxury brand that uses the conventions of luxury fashion to make pointed statements about the value of Black life and culture. Founded by Jameel Mohammed after being told that true luxury only comes out of Paris and Milan. His first collection features polished and sculptural demi- fine jewelry in gold vermeil and sterling silver.

Black Owned Jewelry Brands: JEBLANC

Photograph: JÉBLANC

With an emphasis on heavy metal chains and tough, textural details, Jeblanc Jewelry is for anyone wanting to make a statement. Bicycle chains, loops and body jewelry are all staples of the collection, made into one-of-a-kind pieces. Founder Jeniece Blanchet has been featured in Paper magazine and Teen VOGUE.

Black Owned Jewelry Brands: Johnny Nelson

Photograph: Johnny Nelson

A fresh take on the 4-finger ring, Johnny Nelson's bold, graphic and in your face jewelry is taking the culture by storm. Mini Mount Rushmore's, his famed 4-finger rings feature hip hop's biggest artists and his designs are bold takes on Black cultural iconography like the Black Panther and the raised Black Power fist. Set with fine metals and stones, Johnny Nelson jewelry is equal parts punk, hip hop and rock.

Black Owned Jewelry Brands: A.M. Thorne

Photograph: A.M. Thorne

A.M. Thorne


A.M. Thorne is a fine jewelry line based in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Founded by Ashley Thorne, the line specializes in simplicity and wearability. The delicate yet strong collection of earrings, necklaces and rings is minimalist and influenced by architecture, art, femininity and light. A.M. Thorne is carried online and available in stores in Washington, D.C, Brooklyn, NY and California.

Black Owned Jewelry Brands: Bernard James

Photograph: Bernard James

Bernard James


Intimacy and sensuality are at the core of Bernard James jewelry. Every detail distinguishes the wearer from the norm, providing a luxury and handcrafted adornment that is closer to a work of art. Bernard James jewelry is designed in Brooklyn with each clasp and link handcrafted in NYC and made of sterling silver, 14 and 18 karat gold, as well as genuine leather.

Black Owned Jewelry Brands: Auvere

Photograph: Auvere

Auvere jewelry is the jewelry of true love and true gold. Co-founded by designer Gina Love and her husband Steven Feldman, Auvere jewelry features high karat gold earrings, rings and bracelets in modern and architectural designs. With a focus on the purest forms of gold - 22 and 24 karat - Auvere jewelry is a great staple addition to a jewelry collection.

Black Owned Jewelry Brands: We Dream In Colour

Photograph: We Dream In Colour

We Dream In Colour


The design is in the name. We Dream in Colour jewelry blends unique shapes and styles with bold, dreamy colors. Remixing classic jewelry styles and infusing vintage and antique influences, there is a piece for everyone and each piece is assembled by hand by their in-house production team. If whimsical styles like swan earrings and delicate drop earrings are your style, We Dream in Colour is the brand for you.

Black Owned Jewelry Brands: White/Space

Photograph: White/Space

White Space Jewelry


Elegance. Integrity. Versatility. White Space is a fine jewelry collection founded by Parson School of Design alum Khadijah Fulton. After designing for some of the biggest names in fashion, Khadijah wanted to create a line that was approachable yet distinct with versatility at the core. White Space works with small manufacturers and individual artisans in downtown LA to produce the collection.


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